Since I got myself the peeler, I stopped niggling myself and the conditions of my skin have improved a lot, especially as far as the black dots are concerned – the area surrounding your nose and forehead. Though, I have not used it for the effacement of skin creams yet. The Reclar spatula is very sensible in comparison to my friend’s peeler, which is too sharp and it lacerates your face. This device is light, small and elegant – a good construction. I can only recommend it. 

Marie Likavcová

The peeler by Reclar is an absolutely amazing assistant with your skincare. Not only it exquisitely and without irritation cleanses your skin but it, thanks to photodynamic therapy, applies the serum deep into your skin which multiplies the effects of other care products you use. Thank you for your constantly proliferating assortment of effective care assistants. 

Jana Večerková

I only learned about this brand recently, however, I can safely recommend it to you all. I am very pleased. 

Sasha W.Isar

I got familiar with the Reclar product thanks to Beauty by Katty. I am very pleased with it. I use it every morning and evening. The cream is being easily applied to your skin by the device, I’ve been using it for approximately two months and it is already quite visible on my skin. I can only recommend it. 

Věra Klímová

I use Reclar five times a week and I alternate between or combine peeling, blue and red light. The results are incredible, my pores are genuinely cleansed, even though I will need to work a bit more on them. The photodynamic therapy is very pleasant and effective as well – after the blue light, the zits fade away, while the red light irons out the soft lines and wrinkles. If you’re still not sure whether you should buy the device, well, I can recommend it in good conscience. After you buy it, you won’t understand how you could live without it. 

Erika Fabiánová

I discovered Reclar thanks to Kate (Beauty by Katty), the spatula is just great – light – I can use it very quickly ☺. I actively use all of the modes (Peeling, G-blue, G-red) and my skin is much better (combined, sensible). 

Šárka Maternová

The shipment is fast, the device is fine, after a week of use I can only say one thing, it really works. Am satisfied.

Olha Sprenzel