At the start of the year, we shared with you the testing of our Love Mode hydrating masks, which garnered phenomenal ratings on the portal, securing their place in history as the most successful cosmetic product ever tested. However, it didn’t take long for Reclar Calming Ampoule Pads, also with multi-functional uses, to claim their spot on the throne right beside the masks. "Can facial pads soothe irritation, provide hydration, erase pigment spots, aid in acne treatment, and even slow aging? Reclar’s can," begins the article on the burgeoning review portal. Let’s delve deeper into what the testers appreciated the most.

In collaboration with, we sent another product to their independent testers for evaluation. is a Czech online lifestyle magazine that understands women’s needs, focusing on health, beauty, fashion, relationships, family, and home. Recently, the portal, with its TryIn app, has also concentrated on objective product testing. A total of 23 selected testers tried the calming pads and shared their experiences and ratings, achieving a 97 % satisfaction score. Thus, they were as successful as the previously tested hydrating masks. Both the editorial team and testers have noted this product as exceptionally multifunctional. The pads can be used tosoothe skin after eyebrow plucking, reduce redness after peeling, protect the skin during sudden temperature changes, or cool it down after sunbathing. They can also be used to calm skin after hair removal or in combination with a peeler for even more effective skin hydration. "I am very satisfied with Reclar’s calming pads. I have problematic and sensitive skin, so many cosmetic products don’t suit me, but these pads are wonderful. I use them almost daily, as my skin has been very dry lately. They hydrate beautifully and nourish my skin. They do not sting or burn upon application. I appreciate the size of the package and the amount of serum. I will definitely recommend them," says tester Alena Kopřivová.

Thanks to the inclusion of ceramides, which restore the skin barrier, and a strong antioxidant effect, these pads offer more than just ordinary care. Bamboo fibers ensure deep hydration through nanotechnology, while the infused serum acts as a nutrient-rich mask, toner, or ampoule. Combined with the Reclar galvanic peeler, which utilizes blue and red light, these pads provide not only immediate calming effects but also long-term improvement in skin quality and healing. Reviewers highly praised the consistency of the serum, which is non-sticky and rich, as the pads are literally soaked in it. The serum is based on a herbal composition, and testers appreciated its pleasant scent, containing green tea, rosemary, chamomile, and other herbal extracts.

In several reviews, it’s noted that the pads also heal acne, smooth the skin, and brighten it. Veronika writes, "I am very pleased with the Reclar pads. They calmed my skin, hydrated it, and made it softer to the touch. They worked best with the Reclar galvanic peeler. I like their nutrient-rich composition and ceramides. They have also helped with my acne. I will definitely include them in my regular skincare routine. I recommend trying them!"

Tester Kateřina also emphasizes that the pads are suitable for sensitive skin: "Reclar is great for sensitive skin. Other face masks almost always sting on my face, but Reclar soothes. The pads have a lot of gel, which can be left on overnight, and the next day the skin is beautifully moist and radiant. One pad is more than enough for one use on the entire face. The packaging is large and lasts really long."

We are again delighted that another of our products has met with success among testers and that they all agree they would gladly recommend these calming pads further. You can read the full review now at this link. Reviews are authentically supplemented with photographs.

Try the calming pads yourself and share your experience with us; we would love to hear from you on Instagram @reclar. We look forward to your feedback!