How to Use the Peeler Correctly?(1-2 MIN. READING)

It's Simpler Than You Think

Using a peeler is incredibly intuitive and requires no special skills. Reclar thus revolutionizes home skincare. No longer do you need to visit beauty salons or spend hundreds monthly on miraculous creams for wrinkles and acne; now, you can take care of your skin at home, almost like a professional beautician. All you need is a few minutes, your favorite moisturizer, and a cloth to dampen your face with water.

For every peeler, you’ll find a detailed video tutorial on our website under the video tab, showing how to start using the device. Upon ordering the peeler, you’ll also receive further detailed instructions on handling the device via email. Of course, the peeler box also includes a printed manual where you'll find everything necessary. The manual details the various rituals, pictorial instructions on handling the device, pictures of recommended strokes for each procedure, and answers to frequently asked questions, which we have expanded over time.

  1. Charging

Before you start using the device, fully charge it using the cable provided. Charging is indicated by a red light, and full charge by a blue light. Do not leave the device on the charger much longer than necessary.

  1. Turning On the Device and Selecting the Desired Function

Turn on the peeler by pressing and holding the control button in the middle of the device. Press once for the ultrasonic water peeling function. Choose the G-Blue function for blue light therapy by pressing twice, and three times to switch to the G-Red function for red light therapy.

  1. Cleansing Ritual

Use the ultrasonic water peeling function once to twice a week, depending on your skin type. Adequately moisten the skin with water and keep the face wet during therapy to avoid irritation. Move the device from the temples down towards the nose and up to the center of the forehead. Then proceed from the mouth to the ears and from the tip of your nose up to the forehead. There's no need to press the device too hard; just make gentle strokes and let the device do the work for you. The entire cleansing process lasts exactly 5 minutes, after which the device will turn off automatically. Do not exceed this recommended time to prevent skin redness. The Peeler Plus has a one-minute booster peeling set for the problematic T-zone, which tends to be oilier, hence the cleaning is more intensive than for the rest of the face. The basic silver version of the peeler does not have this function.

  1. Healing Ritual

Apply your favorite facial cream, hydrating serum, or mask and activate the G-Blue function. Turn the peeler front side towards you and move the head from the center of the face outwards. Touch the side strips with electrodes to light up the healing blue light, which heals acne, inflammation, and soothes the skin after peeling. Do not press on the blade and just make gentle strokes in the prescribed direction. Remember to always hold the device by its sides to activate the electrodes for galvanization. The peeler will do all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Rejuvenating Ritual

Follow the same steps as for the healing ritual with blue light, and don't forget to apply facial cream, serum, or mask on your face. Light therapy will enhance and optimize the effects of your favorite cream. Red light itself activates collagen and reduces wrinkles while diminishing the visibility of pigment spots.

  1. Turning Off and Cleaning

Each procedure is set for 5 minutes, do not exceed this time, as clinical studies have precisely determined this duration for the most effective outcome. After finishing the procedures, turn off the device by pressing and holding the control button in the middle. After each use, gently clean the peeler's blade with the provided silk cloth or disinfect with an alcohol-based solution. The 24-karat gold variant of the peeler plus also has self-cleaning effects and acts antibacterially, so you don’t need to disinfect it as often and don’t worry about spreading bacteria or infection across your face during use.

  1. Storing the Device

We recommend storing the peeler in a dry place. As it is not entirely waterproof, the bottom part with the battery should not come into direct contact with water; therefore, it is not advisable to leave it lying on a washbasin, for instance. If you want to keep the device in the bathroom, choose a shelf where water usually doesn't splash and store it in the provided waterproof plastic case. Be careful not to drop the device from a height onto tiles. If the device gets wet, do not turn it on until it is fully dried, or try drying it immersed in rice, like other electronics. Besides these few basic rules, the device doesn't require any special care.

You will simply fall in love with the ultrasonic spatula for its easy handling and effectiveness. If you have any questions while using the device, don't hesitate to contact us via the online chat on our website in the lower right corner. We are here to offer advice and help your skin finally get into better condition. Afterlogging into the members' sectionon our website, you can also download an e-book written by experienced beautician Iva Hynkova on the topic: 10 Sins Against Your Skin, What Never To Do. Just click on the Download e-book tab after logging in to the members' section, and you can start reading the first of the advice.